CPR is interested in purchase of police related books and books for Police Training. Please suggest books for library. Book donors are also welcome!. Please contribute police related articles, cartoons & jokes for Maharashtra Police Journal.

Library & Publications


The library of C.P.R. is being added with books suggested by Senior Police officers and participants of workshops. New books have been purchased recently for general reading and professional subjects i.e. Cyber Crime. We have a membership exclusively for Library @ Rs.200/- per month for those who are not CPR / CPRI Members. For more details please visit: http://eglibnet.gov.in/Library.aspx?LIB_CODE=CPRPUNE

Maharashtra Police Journal

Maharashtra Police Journal is being published half yearly by Centre for Police Research, pune which aims to help to improve qualitative performance of the members of police force and to enable them to face the problems posed by criminal world. The Maharashtra Police Journal Volume 5(June - July 08) and Volume 6 (July - Dec 08) was published and distributed to all Police Unit in the year 2008. The journal consist of English/Marathi section along with poems contributed by officers / men of maharashtra police. Articles of creative and innovative subjects are contributed by Senior Police Officers on following subjects:-

a)way to improve conviction percentage.
b)Internal Security in India
c)Training as a tool to improve police effectiveness.
d)Innovative idea implimated.
e)Crime Statistics.
f)Anti Human Trafficking.
g)Cases of best investigation.
h)Investigation procedures of economic offences.
i)All India Police Duty Meet.

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