CPR is interested in purchase of police related books and books for Police Training. Please suggest books for library. Book donors are also welcome!. Please contribute police related articles, cartoons & jokes for Maharashtra Police Journal.

Main Objectives of Centre For Police Research

To conduct and promote in-depth studies and fundamental and applied research pertaining to Police and related social as well as behavioral issues and to provide research facilities to serving and retired Police officers/other Scholars in these fields.

To carry on organizational, operational and Policy oriented research.

To undertake research relating to all aspects of Policing.

To function as the nodal State level research institution in the field of Police administration.

To plan, promote and provide for education and training in leadership, security, policy planning and management areas.

To disseminate information to police and citizens on know-how on policing, security and related areas.

To organize workshops, seminars and conferences and exhibitions on subjects of Police and security

To provide consultancy and extension services to police and other Govt. departments as well as other semi - Govt. organizations/ agencies.

To assist any institution or organization especially service oriented organizations in important matters.

To function generally as the apex institution of Maharashtra State.

To organise seminars, Lectures, Exhibitions, Conferences etc. and to raise funds through it.

To start various recreational & educational activities for the members / subscribers.

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