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Various Research Projects conducted at CPR

Research Projects.
A) Research Project sponsored by B.P.R. & D. New Delhi.
“Modalities for compensation to the victims of crime in the light of position prevailing in other countries so as to make it part of the criminal jurisprudence in our country”
This project was entrusted to Shri.V. V. Lakshminarayan, I.P.S. Jt. C.P., Thane City. He has completed & submitted final research report to B.P.R & D, New Delhi.

Three Research Projects on operational Research offered by DGP, M.S. Mumbai. to C.P.R at Pune.
1. Development of Nutritious dry rations to be consumed by Police Officers / Staff without cooking on long range patrols in Naxal affected districts:-Research project by Dr. Sanjay Shinde I.P.S. S.P. Ratnagiri has completed the research project.

2. Testing of various explosive detectors and different technologies for explosive detection (Specially Liquid Explosives) -- Research project by Shri.Sanjay Jadhav IPS DCP, Mumbai. He has completed his research project but yet to give presentation of his research before DGP & other senior police officers in respect of the queries raised by DGP, M.S.

3. Development of carry bags/ “Pithoos” with appropriate belts for Police Officers/Men to carry weapons and equipments like walkie- talkie, GPS, binoculars etc. along with water bottles.–Research project by Shri. Chandrakant Ughade I.P.S I.G.P, M.T, M.S., Pune. He has completed his research project.

B) New project offered by CPR :
1. An analytical study of changing trends in training modules of police constables & Head Constables in Maharashtra Police at PTC Nagpur (2000-2010)
Research fellow Miss. Jayashri Mundewadikar Pune. Her research is in the final stage of completion.
2. Dr. Mrs. Borwankar, ADG, Prison, M.S.,Pune.
Subject : Gender friendliness of Maharashtra Police for uniformed women fficers.
3. Shri- Ranjankumar Sharma, Comdt. SRPF Group IV, Nagpur
Subject : Reasons for acquittals & remedies.
4. Shri. Pradeep Deshpande, IPS, S.P., C.I.D, Nashik.
Subject : Stress and its impact on work performance and health for police personnel.
5. Shri. Rajendra Chavan P.I., Solapur City.
Subject : Behavior of Police with public.
6. Smt. Arati Nawathe, Pune.
Subject : Impact of occupational Hazards on the health of Pune traffic police with special reference to the vehicular pollution.

Efforts made to promote the research activities.
Following research topics were circulated to all police officers working in the State through respective unit commanders for seeking willingness of officers for conducting research on those topics.

Topics :-
• Ways and means of raising the efficiency of Head Constables and Constables & steps required for entrusting more work and responsibilities to them.
• The present status of welfare of police personnel; what action is required to be taken to promote greater welfare.
• Drinking among police personnel.
• Police recruitment.
• Use of tear gas in law and order situation.
• Status of use of Forensic Criminology.
• Investigation of rape cases.
• Status of use of technology by police.
• Status of computerization- have we reached optimum level.
• Improving performance of our state police in sports.
• a) Facilities for women police personnel at their work places.
b) Welfare of women police personnel.
c) Performance of women police personnel.
Note : Any Police Officer/men willing to take up research on any police related subject / topic is welcome and may contact M.D. CPR in this regard.

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